Working papers and selected work in progress

When Externalities Collide: Influenza and Pollution

(with Josh Graff Zivin, Matthew Neidell and Nicholas Sanders)

(Accepted at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics)

[NBER working paper, Grantham Research Institute Working Paper, medrxiv version, Econofact coverage]

Clean Identification? The Effects of the Clean Air Act on Air Pollution, Exposure Disparities and House Prices

(with Lutz Sager)

[Grantham Research Institute Working Paper, CEPR VoxEU coverage]

Complementary Inputs and Industrial Development: Can Lower Electricity Prices Improve Energy Efficiency?

Can Competition Reduce Conflict?

(with Teevrat Garg, Stefania Lovo and Caterina Gennaioli)

[CEGA working paper]

Endogenous Markups, Input Misallocation and Geographical Supplier Access

Environmental Regulation and Trade in Used Vehicles

(with Stefania Lovo)


International and sectoral variation in industrial energy prices 1995-2015

(with Misato Sato, Damien Dussaux and Stefania Lovo)

Energy Economics (2019), (78) 235–258

[Data downloadable at Harvard Dataverse]

[old version here: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Working Paper (2015), No. 187]

Book chapters and policy publications

Can subjective resilience indicators predict future food security? Evidence from three communities in rural Kyrgyzstan (2018). Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Working Paper (2018), No. 308

(with Abbie Clare, Lira Sagynbekova, Chris Béné, Akylbek Rahmanberdi)

Climate-resilient development in agrarian economies (2016). In Fankhauser, S., & McDermott, T. K. (Eds.). The Economics of Climate-Resilient Development. Edward Elgar Publishing.

(with Mintewab Bezabih, Stefania Lovo, and Courtney McLaren)

[available here]

Green agricultural policies and poverty reduction (2015). Grantham Research Institute Policy Brief.

(with Stefania Lovo and Mintewab Bezabih)

[available here, coverage.]

Greasing the Wheels of the Labor Market? Immigration and Worker Mobility (2012). Kiel Policy Brief, 52. Kiel Institute for the World Economy

(with Sebastian Braun)

[available here]